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Product Version: 2.4.22
App Language: English
Cost: $3.99
Made By: USTWO Games
Review Score: 98%
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Monument Valley Review

Monument Valley in Short

Monument valley game is an independent puzzle game developed in 2013 and was released in 2014.

The goal in Monument Valley is to guide the princess Ida through an almost impossible architecture route in a lighting beautiful world. The structures have manipulating geometry, hidden paths, optical illusions and more. Checkout the photos in this reviews to see a few examples of this extraordinary game.

In addition to the basic game, you can now separately purchase 8 new stunning chapters.

After the big success of this game, Monument Valley 2 was released on June 5 2017 and it is currently available for iOS. For all your Android fans, we hope it is soon to follow .

More features of Monument Valley

The game is very easy to play. It is simple, easy to learn, explore the worlds and enjoy the optical illusions.

Save your game, so you don’t lose what you have achieved. Then, continue to play in any of your other devices (phone or tablet). The game is synced across your devices.

Graphics – Although the 3D design is quite minimal, the optical illusions and the monuments are carefully designed with the highest quality. Sometimes it is harder to do less, but keep it fine. It is one of the most elegant games available and each screen can be seen as an art exhibit.

Sound – Very close attention was given to the sound effects of the different game aspects. Try it with sound to enjoy the whole package.